What Is Provacy and Why Is Government Spying on Internet



noun, plural privacies.

1. the state of being apart from other people or concealed from their view; solitude; seclusion:

 We demand internet and privacy issues. 

2. the state of being free from unwanted or undue intrusion or disturbance in one’s private life or affairs; freedom to be let alone; protect the right to internet and privacy issues. Have a look at https://www.casinoscanadien.com/, the perfect guide to recognizing and choosing the ideal online casino where you can play safe. Thanks to this guide, online gambling will no longer have secrets for you, and you will easily improve your casino skills without any worries of being unprotected.

 We demand privacy in our homes.  

3.freedom from damaging publicity, public scrutiny, secret surveillance, or unauthorized disclosure of one’s data or information, whether by government, corporation, or individual.

 We at snowdentreaty.org demand to stop government spying on internet . 

Some of Our Partners


Glenn Greenwald

American lawyer and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.





Noam Chomsky

American linguist, philosopher,

cognitive scientist, and social justice

activist. Professor at MIT.




Laura Poitras

Academy Award-winning American documentary film director for “Citizenfour.”




David Miranda

Brazilian coordinator of the campaign for asylum to Snowden in Brazil.






Jacob Appelbaum

American independent journalist, computer security researcher and hacker.




Jeremy Scahill

Investigative journalist

Founding editor of The

Intercept and author of

“Blackwater: the Rise of the World’s Most

Powerful Mercenary Army”



Mariéme Jamme

Senegalese born-British activist for education, government transparency and the spread of technology in Africa. Co-founder of Africa Gathering and CEO of SpotOne Global Solutions.




Vivienne Westwood

English fashion designer and businesswoman. Activist for civil rights, disarmament and against

climate change.




DJ Spooky

American electronic and experimental hip hop musician and DJ; producer, philosopher, and author. Professor of Music Mediated Art at the European Graduate School and is the Executive Editor of Origin Magazine.



Kim Dotcom

Geman-Finnish internet businessman. Founder of Megaupload and Internet Party at New Zealand.





John Cusack

American actor, producer, and screenwriter.